WISEWOMAN LEADERSHIP is a leadership model that allows women to be highly successful and to lead with ease, grace and integrity.This book is designed to help women discover how we can solve most of our concerns simply by learning to think differently. We can be rewarded for our contributions, have financial security, be respected for our intelligence and our contributions, have a greater sense of freedom, feel fulfilled, truly enjoy our work, and have more of whatever else we want, simply by changing our perspective.Most women are sick and tired of the &ldquo,SuperWoman&rdquo, model of leadership, where women are expected to work twice as hard as a man in order to be promoted into leadership or else they are not recognized for their contributions. This is especially true for women working in male-dominated industries, such as technology, and it is a key indicator of what has caused the number of women working in technology to drop by more than 18% in the last 30 years.You, the reader, and our companies, organizations, communities, and society have an important opportunity to better leverage women and their talents for everyone&rsquo,s benefit, yet the research clearly shows we aren&rsquo,t leveraging that opportunity very well.Jane suggests that to be optimally successful, we must start by taking on Radical Personal Responsibility for the results we are getting in our lives and discover the thoughts that hold us back or propel us forward. When we allow ourselves to let go of the traditional masculine model of leadership and be the phenomenal women that we are, to authentically step forward and be fully recognized for the value that we bring to the table as women, we will not only help ourselves, we will also be a catalyst for changing the workplace in a way that will benefit both women and men._,
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