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This is a general introduction to Uganda and its people. The author looks at the country s regions and different ethnic groups from a historical and contemporary perspective. He also examines the different cultures across the country whose ethnic and cultural diversity is one of the most interesting features of this magnificent land. As a country and as a nation, Uganda has unique features which make it stand out on the African continent in a number of ways, making it one of the most well-known countries on the continent. It s also one of the most popular destinations for foreigners who visit Africa every year. The author has provided a comprehensive picture of the country from a historical and contemporary perspective, making this work an important guide for tourists, students and others going to Uganda. Scholars and others who specialise in Uganda in different fields may also find the book to be useful in a number of areas although it s not written strictly as a scholarly work. Members of the general public will find it to be equally useful if they want to know basic facts about Uganda and its people. The cultures of the different ethnic groups in every part of Uganda is one of the most important subjects covered in the book. And there is a lot more to learn from this work which is comprehensive enough for many people who are learning about Uganda for the first time._,
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