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This is a general introduction to Tanzania. It s also a look at Tanzania from a contemporary and historical perspective. The focus is on Tanzania today. Some of the major political, economic and social developments which have taken place in the country especially since the seventies also constitute a significant part of the book. The book is intended for those who are going to Tanzania for the first time and for anybody else who wants to learn some basic facts about the largest country in East Africa. Readers are also going to learn quite a few things about the people of Tanzania and their tribes or ethnic groups and where these groups traditionally live. Also covered in the book are the towns and cities in all the provinces of this large country. The purpose is to provide a comprehensive picture of the country by focusing on a number of areas including a general background of Tanzania, the geography of the country, life in Tanzania today and how life was in the seventies and eighties under socialism known as ujamaa which means familyhood in Kiswahili, the country s transition from socialism to a free market economy, ethnic groups or tribes and their home districts and regions, racial minorities who constitute a significant part of Tanzania s population, the Swahili people and their culture, towns and cities, the union of Tanganyika and Zanzibar and its prospects and challenges, and life in Tanzania – in what was then Tanganyika – in the fifties just before independence. There are also chapters on Dar es Salaam, the nation s largest city and commercial centre and former capital, and on the former island nation of Zanzibar. Tanzania also is unique in one fundamental respect. It s the only union of two independent countries ever formed on the African continent. And it s the only one that exists today almost half a century after it was formed. The union between Tanganyika and Zanzibar is one of the subjects covered in the book, and readers are going to learn ab
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