Running any business is challenging. As you will learn from experiences recounted in Higher Power Business it can only become easier if you open your office door all the way and let God in. The experiences and recommendations in the book reveal that God surrounds us 360 degrees by 360 degrees spherically 365 days a year. By simply recognizing that God is already in our business we can become more effective, efficient and honest entrepreneurs and managers. God has the final say in everything we do and that includes what we do in business. In an informal and again conversational style Lovato shares his experiences with clients over the last 35 years. Some clients followed his advice and went on to become quite successful. Others shunned his advice. Those clients soon saw untoward events unfold in front of them. Yet others although late to follow Lovato&rsquo,s advice, saw recovery and ultimate victory. Learn how you can use Mr. Lovato&rsquo,s universal methods, practices and techniques so that you can run your enterprise like a Higher Power Business. George Lovato Jr. has authored four books prior to Higher Power Business. They are his ground breaking semibiographical business guide The Obstacle Course, multi &ndash,media books The Best Damned Guide to Business Finance, How to Finance Your Business and soon to be re-released The Common Denominators of an Unprofitable le Business George Lovato&rsquo,s career in corporate finance and business management began in 1979 when he managed general sales operations for an auto title service company owned by he and his father. In his early twenties he started an auto rental electronic reservation system that grew to become one of the largest car rental operations in the US. In 1984 Lovato began efforts to take this enterprise public. Successful soon after Lovato founded B.H. Capital Ltd. which is comprised of corporate finance and management consultants, merchant bankers, commercial and investment bankers.
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