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This world is full of inspiration which can be overwhelming. With so many people doing amazing things sometimes it’,s hard to decide what amazing things you want to do. I&rsquo,m Riley Temple, 19, and backpacking the world inspires me. I do it nearly full time. &nbsp, Everything I do in life is aimed to further my exploration of this world and meet others actively pursuing their passions. &nbsp, Get Going is the kind of book I wish I&rsquo,d had when I started backpacking the world. It began as a letter to a curious friend who had questions about backpacking to Thailand. The letter was shared, more questions came, and I decided to write a book I&rsquo,d be proud to hand you if we met on the road. It&rsquo,s 100 pages of tips, resources, stories, and experiences to help you make informed and inspired choices as you Get Going. I hope you dig it._,
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