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This book differs from anything you have ever read about the nation and its Supreme Court.&nbsp, The book is not written from or in promotion of any political or ideological position.&nbsp, The author categorically denies having an agenda other than to allow you to enlighten yourself as to why the nation is the way it is today, and the role the Supreme Court has played.&nbsp, Reported opinions based on cases actually heard and ruled upon by the high Court are used as the underlying substance of this work, the exact words of that Court.&nbsp, It is the words of the Court, not the author&rsquo,s, upon which you are to focus and form your own opinions.&nbsp, Dr. Johnson writes this book on a foundation and from a perspective of a practicing attorney and professor of law for over forty years while pondering this writing for the past ten, ultimately culminating in this confrontational product dealing with powerful institutions and bringing to your attention the matters discussed herein for your thought.&nbsp, As a professor, the author&rsquo,s motivation in writing this book is to offer you an opportunity to look into the arcane world of the law, the methodology of the Supreme Court, or more particularly, to present Supreme Court opinions which range from being inconsistent to incoherent and illogical to disingenuous for your review. This book is written for any member of the public, regardless of educational background. You are invited to join the author on this journey._,
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